Eratech srl


Eratech is a research-based company with distinctive competencies in inhalable drug delivery, focused on optimizing deep-lung deposition. It was founded in 2002. The collaboration with Zambon Spa started in 2010 focused on asthma and COPD products. In July 2015, following a successful period of  partnership Zambon proceeded to acquire  Eratech to further exploit the drug delivery platform beyond asthma and COPD.   


By leveraging many years of innovations in the fields of inhalation, particle engineering and pharmaceutical development, Eratech ha developed a proprietary technology named Edry that allows to narrowly define the key characteristics needed for a maximally effective inhalation drug product. Using its platform Eratech is able to:
• Engineer inhalable drug particles both for nebulization and dry powder inhalation with optimized physico-chemical properties
• Iteratively select and optimize formulations for each application
• Scale-up and manufacture optimized formulations The flexibility of out technology opens a broad space of new opportunities for the identification of original products that are characterized by improved dispersibility, pulmonary deposition and sterility applicable to dry powders and liquid formulations. Contact us to learn more about our proprietary technologies.


Eratech was launched in 2002 to develop inhalable drug products based on a broad intellectual property. Our team has and outstanding track record, deep knowledge of our technology space and know what it takes to build succesful product platform companies.  Our mission is to provide partners with comprehensive and state of the art research, development and product support services. The support offered by Eratech can be provided at different levels moving from general consulting services to more sophisticated use of Eratech’s proprietary formulation technology. Eratech is committed to meet even the most demanding expectations of its clients and provides a unique level of expertise, experience, competitive prices and innovation. Eratech’s dedicated research scientists and its highly qualified and specialized consultants have one goal in common: to help clients improve their products performance.


Eratech’s know-how and technological expertise are diversified in the following areas: • Liquid and dry powder formulations: design and lab development of inhalatory formulations using powder production technologies (spray drying and powder blending) • Formulation charcterization: definition of the critical properties of the formulation in terms of solid state, particle size distribution dry and wet and stability.
•  Aerosol performance: evaluation of properties like dispersibility and in vitro deposition in combination with the inhaler.
• Scale-up: Eratech is capable of scaling-up the formulations selected at lab scale for clinical and regulatory purpose.
• Clinical strategy: Eratech, in collaboration with a selected team of clinical experts, has the capability to identify the ideal clinical strategy and conduct clinical trials Registration: Eratech’s team ha several years of experience in the registration of drug products for the Italian and European market.